Hillary Williams ADCC Trials Champ!


From Hillary Williams diary-blog:

“Robertinho picked me up at 8:20 AM Thursday—ten minutes earlier than he said he’d be here, so there are investigations looking into whether or not he’s actually Brazilian—and I was off. Got home to find that ADCC had FINALLY put up when and where weigh ins would be Friday. Instead of being around 5 like I expected, they are running from 2 PM to 6 PM. With my arrival set for 2:05 PM, I cut 5 pounds of water in the sauna Thursday night.

Friday, I’m hungry, and definitely not happy. I woke up at 13:38, so I hope that throughout the course of the day I can lose the other two pounds. After spending about 16 hours in Little Rock, I’m set to get back on a plane and head to California. As soon as I got to the airport, though, I at least got a bit of a chuckle. For those of you who don’t know, my coach Roli is, well, brown. Before fights, he grows out this bushy, black mess of a beard. As I got to security, the first thing I saw was Roli, in full terrorist appeal, sitting quietly in the corner on a folding chair as his back got swabbed and thoroughly picked through by a very cranky airport security agent. I laughed.

Roli thinks he’s funny. He’s not. After claiming the window seat on the first flight, justification that as I woman I should know my place and not have protested, I received a series of elbows while he was apparently dreaming about his upcoming fight with Paul Kelley. Stepping onto the second flight, a huge airplane from Dallas to L.A., people were unusually quiet. Most would enjoy this silence, but Roli saw it as an opportunity to, once again, humiliate me. “Hey so what did your parents say when you finally came out to them?” he blurted in a way-louder-than-necessary-if-it-was-even-true voice. I turned bright red, everyone on the plane turned to me, and Roli looked quite content with himself. Dick.

Got to the weigh ins, skinny, cut, and very, very hungry. I stepped on the scale for the 60 kg weight limit weighing 60.2 kg in my bikini. I looked at the weigh ins director desperately, but he just shook his head and said I had to make it. Using a Budovideos poster to keep what little bit of dignity I had left, I stepped on the scale buck ass naked at 60.0 kg. Success!

Woke up still feeling dehydrated and a little weak but I was hungry for the trials. I woke up 10 or so times throughout the night, having had various flashes of what could happen in the tournament to come. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more than 4 hours sleep before a tournament, I get such bad nerves. Roli and I stopped by Starbucks on the way to the tournament. Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” started playing, and without thinking I started singing along. The large, maybe 50 year-old black guy in front of me turned and goes, “You don’t know nothin’ about that, honey.” I laughed hysterically and turned more bright red than you could even imagine. It was a face-palm moment, if I ever had one.

Tournament time and it was a tiny turnout. The women’s weight divisions were so messed up (under 132 and then 133 to INFINITY) so my weight was very, very small. Just four of us. I met with Sarah Boyd in the finals, and I must say it gets harder and harder to compete at the big tournaments. There are still not many girls, and all of them that I meet are such great people you really hate being put in a situation where you really want to squeeze their neck. Shy of the negative guard pull points, I stayed on the feet with her. Feeling around and trying to control her neck, Sarah was the first to shoot, dropping for a fireman’s carry. I sprawled, stuffing the shot and ending up on top. I left my hips up and open and Sarah was quick to grab the heel hook opportunity. Thankfully, Roli has really been working with me and Jason from Memphis gave me some great leglock defense that let me work out of it. I passed with little difficulty and started working a kimura. Sarah had a death grip on her thigh and was defending well. I could feel that if I was even a bit over zealous on the pull up that she’d turn and I’d lose position.

And, well, that’s what happened. I settled back into side control and during a mount attempt she caught my foot. I quickly fed her close arm to my far hand and took the back. Ah, my world. A couple minutes working the back (her defense was very good!) and I sunk my arm in for the choke.

I’m going to Barcelona.

Holy crap.”

source: Hillary´s Blog

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