Rodney Ellis

rodney ellisBorn in 1978
Home: Cronulla – Australia
Style: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Team: Nova Uniao/ Extreme
Division: under 76.9 Kg

BJJ/ADCC record:
– 2006 Pan Pacific Jiu-Jitsu Champion, Black Belt Open Weight
– 2008 Pan Pacific Jiu-Jitsu Champion, Black Belt Gi Div < 79kg
– 2009 ADCC Oceania Submission Wrestling Champion < 77kg
– Only Australian recognised by the Rio de Janeiro State Jiu-Jitsu Federation as a teacher

Bio: Whilst in Rio in 2004, 2005 and 2006, Rodney spent the afternoons training with Andre’s Vale Tudo team. There would often be up to 15 black belts on the matt training, and Rodney was proud to be one of Vitor Shaolin’s main training partners for his fights at this time. On 2005 there was TV camera crew at Andre’s gym interviewing fighters for fights in upcoming events. After interviewing the fighters and then André himself, they watched and recorded as André Pederneiras presented Rodney with his black belt. Nowadays, Rodney has returned fulltime to his profession and teaches jiu-jitsu every night, and on weekends.


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