Igor Praporshchikov

Igor PraporshchikovBorn in 1976 (Ukraine)
Home: Australia
Style: Freestyle Wrestling
Team: Wrestling Club, Marabra
Division: under 87.9 Kg

Wrestling record: 7 – 0 – 0
– 1999 Oceania Champion: 85.0 kg
– 2000 Oceania Champion: 96.0 kg

Bio: Igor Praporshchikov is one of the members of the Australian Olympic wrestling team who was born overseas. Praporshchikov is a former scholarship holder at the Australian Institute of Sport. These days he is based in Sydney where he trains with the Maroubra Wrestling Club. The 33-year-old has had some success in international competition. In 1997 he won bronze in the 76 kilogram greco-roman class at the Oceania Championships and gold in the 76kg freestyle class at the same tournament. The following year Praporshchikov won silver at the FILA Five Continents Cup in the 85kg freestyle class. He fought in Olympic Games 2000, Comonwealth games 2002, Eastern Asian games 2001, being Oceania champion in 1999 and 2000. Igor is Australia champion in wrestling since 1998.


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