Rosângela Conceição

Rosangela Pan Am 2007

Rosangela Pan Am 2007

Complete name: Rosângela da Silva Conceição
Nickname: Zanza
Born in 1973
Home: São Paulo – Brasil
Style: Wrestling/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Team: São Bernardo
Division: over 60 Kg

Wrestling/ADCC record:
– ADCC 2009 South American Trials winner
– Competitor in Beijing 2008 (Wrestling)
– Bronze Medal Pan American Games 2007 (Wrestling)
– Competitor in Atlanta Olympics 1996 (Judo)

Bio: Rosângela is a Greco-Roman Wrestler and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt. She started in Judo with her brother and made well enough to go to Olympics (Atlanta 96). “Zanza” changed to Greco-Roman Wrestling six years ago, competing in Pan American Games and Beijing Olympics. She is also a self-defense teacher and helps children with Dawn Syndrome in Brasil. Rosângela takes inspiration in Dalai Lama teachings and takes good care on her looks.

“Se conseguirmos lidar diretamente com nossos problemas e voltar nossas energias para descobrir uma solução, o problema pode ser transformado num desafio.”


3 Responses to “Rosângela Conceição”

  1. Deacon Says:

    Truly Rosângela Zanza is a thing of Beauty in every way
    Deacon USA

  2. Deacon Says:

    So Sweet

  3. Deacon Says:

    Rosângela Zanza made her taste the power

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