Rubens Charles Maciel

cobrinha-rubens-charlesNick name: Cobrinha
Born in 1979
Style: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Team: Alliance
Division: under 65.9 Kg

BJJ/ADCC record:
* 2nd place World Professional Jiu Jitsu Cup under 65kg  Abu Dhabi, UAE 2009
* 4 times CBJJ Featherweight World Champion
* 3 times CBJJ Pan American Champion – Gold in feather-weight and bronze in absolute 2009
* Capital Challenge International Featherweight Champion – Amman, Jordan 2008
* CBJJ Pan Jiu-jitsu No-gi Lightweight Champion – New York 2008
* 2 times CBJJ No Gi World Champion (Lightweight) – Los Angeles 2008
* Abu Dhabi 2007 Absolute Alternate Champion – Trenton 2007
* 2 times CBJJO World Cup Tournament Champion – Rio de Janeiro 2006
* CBJJO American Golden Cup Champion – Rio de Janeiro 2005
Rubens Charles
Rubens Charles is the biggest name at the BJJ feather-weight division nowadays. His achievements are only comparable to the legend Royler Gracie. They are both four times BJJ world champion in the same division, and now Cobrinha will start his path to try to be as successful in submission fighting as he is in BJJ, and maybe one day be a 3 times ADCC world champion like Royler.

Check his official site here.


One Response to “Rubens Charles Maciel”

  1. David Dimopoulos Said Says:

    Go Cobrinha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Best wishes for you brother!
    Best Regards from our team here!
    Alliance JJ Athens, Hellas

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