Leo Vieira

Leo Vieira x Rani Yahia 2005
Leo Vieira x Rani Yahia 2005

Nickname: Leozinho
Complete name: Leonardo Vieira
Home: Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
Style: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Team: Vieira Bros. Team

Division: under 65.9 Kg

ADCC achievements:
– ADCC 2007 2nd Place
– ADCC 2005 Champion
– ADCC 2003 Champion
– Ranked 3rd in BJJ “Greatest Of All Times” by GracieMag

Leo is a veteran champion. Having started jiu-jitsu under Romero “Jacaré” ­Cavalcanti, Vieira has seen unprecedented success both in gi, no-gi and submission fighting tournaments. He’s known for his good humour and creative style. Back in 2000 Leo showed his potencial to the world while fighting with Mark Kerr in the ADCC. Now he is a multiple BJJ and ADCC champion known for his slick skills. Vieira’s fights shows such a level of dynamic jiu-jitsu that they become something really exciting to watch, even for laymen.

Leo Vieira (white) x Rani Yahya 2007
Leo Vieira (white) x Rani Yahya 2007

He is 1 – 1 against Rani Yahya. He won in 2005 and lost in 2007. We hope they meet again this year and check who’s the best fighter below 66 Kg in the world.

Leo and his brother run their own academy in California. He’s a perfectionist instructor, having formed many black-belts and instructing black-belts from other places. Vieira is also recognized as an excellent coach for competitions because of his deep knowledge of strategy.

“The no-gi mundial is exactly the same as the gi mundial except for the uniform. Usually a worldwide competition (i.e. world cup soccer) is an amazing competition, but the Jiu-Jitsu Mundials are not. I don’t understand the point of having a world champion at the different coloured belts. I think the ADCC is better in that regard of no skill limits.”


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