Tom Erikson

tom eriksonNickname: The Big Cat
Born in 1964
Home: Illinois – USA
Style: Wrestling
Team: freelance
Division: over 99 Kg

Wrestling record:

– 1997 USA Senior Freestyle Champion

– 2 times NJCAA Collegiate Champion

– 1997 FILA World Championship Freestyle – 4th place

MMA record: 9 – 4 – 1

Tom Erikson chokes Tim Catalfo
Tom Erikson chokes Tim Catalfo

Tom “The Big Cat” Erikson is a veteran fighter with a wonderful record in freestyle wrestling in USA. He started competing for Triton College in River Grove, Illinois. Later, Erikson competed for Oklahoma State University, famous for its rich athletic heritage. In 1996 he started in MMA, when the rules were still not well defined. The Big Cat debuted in PRIDE in 1999 winning Gary Goodridge, but his most famous achievement was his victory over Kevin Randleman, The Monster. Erikson has also fought in K-1 and now he’s been invited to fight in ADCC in recognition for his career.


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