Galvao wants gold!


In 2007, André Galvão went back home with two bronze medals at the ADCC, defeating Mike Fowler and Alexandre “Cacareco”, but wants a different “color” this year. “I’m glad to be in ADCC this year, and I’m going there to be the champion”, guarantees the black belt, promising his best.

“I’m in a different category now and I won’t have to lose weight, I feel more comfortable with that. I think I’ll be well, because I’m training hard to get there 100% and be the champion”, said André, revealing that his next MMA fight might be in the USA.

“Nothing was confirmed yet, but I think I’ll fight in October or November in Strikeforce”, revealed the black belt, revealing that the training for ADCC will help him to be ready for the MMA fight. “I’m more focused in the MMA, but the training is quite the same and I believe the gas will make the difference now, helping me to explode and be better”, said. Stay tuned for more news on Strikeforce and ADCC.    source:


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