Rogent Lloret, after a good job at M1 is time to rock at ADCC!

rogentlloretPreviously it was reported Demian Maia and Nate Marquardt who are fighting each other at UFC 102 are also confirmed (barring injuries sustained Saturday) for the ADCC Worlds in Barcelona. What has been overlooked for the most part is Rogent Lloret also fought this weekend and is confirmed as competing in the +99 kg division of the ADCC Worlds.

As noted on Lloret is a black belt from Robin Gracie and is the 2009 European champion and is unbeaten in M-1 Challenge.

At M-1 “Breakthrough” Lloret’s MMA fight against wrestler Alexey Oleinik was ruled a draw, a bit surprising considering the way the fight unfolded. Lloret let Oleinik take him down repeatedly where the Spaniard was tenacious with submission attempts and showed great flexibility for a heavyweight. Russian Oleinik spent most of the fight in Lloret’s guard where he tried to ground-and-pound or earn a decision, in many people’s eyes earning a judges’ nod under MMA rules. Lloret only seemed to have trouble with the ring itself, backing up to avoid Oleinik’s takedowns attempts only to find himself in the corner ropes but otherwise played a strong strategy that could serve him well in Barcelona.


Next up in just four weeks Lloret competes under ADCC rules where he doesn’t have to fight such a cautious strategy to defend strikes. Can Lloret do better in submission grappling rules against wrestlers arguably superior to Oleinik such as former champion Jeff Monson and Tom Erikson? How will he do against more accomplished BJJ competitors such as Saulo Ribeiro and Fabricio Werdum? Watch the ADCC Worlds and find out.  source: ADCC NEWS


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  1. holstainh Says:

    warrrr Rogent

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