Interview with André Galvão

Andre Galvao Vulkan– Could you tell us a bit about your preparations for ADCC?

I’m training hard as usual, At night I do the physical preparation with Camões, in the morning I practice grappling with the help of Josuel Distak and with my practice partner and ADCC champion, Ronaldo Jacaré. Everything is just fantastic, and I hope to get back from Barcelona with  a new title to my career, if it’s God’s will. I’m feeling well prepared to do it.

– Are you doing any kind of special training in your routine ?

Yes! I’m focusing on the explosion and speed at morning time. At night I am also doing the physical practice according to my morning training.

– What do you expect from yourself in this championship?

I hope to win the Champion Title, but I know it’s not that easy. ADCC Championship  holds the best athletes.  Actually,  in my opinion, ADCC is a more complex and different competition. Thanks God, I’m well prepared and ready for any kind of situation on the mat.

– How do see your career now on days?

Every day I see that I’m in the right direction. I’m grateful for all that I conquered along my career, in the Jiu Jitsu World and MMA, where I have the best coaches and training partners, this gives me the motivation to seek my dreams and goals, I  still have a lot to learn, God has blessed me, and I´m thankful for all.

– How ADCC Championships will add to your career?vulkan

ADCC is a worldwide high level championship, it´s good to be included in a huge organization like this, and it always brings good things too, sponsorships, the growth of the athletes in the Fight world, etc.

– How do you see yourself inside the Jiu Jitsu world?

I always  seek to learn more and more, Jiu Jitsu gives me this option, there’s always something to improve, I like that, since when I began practicing I tried to evolve in the sport.

I believe I  have achieved a lot, and I see others Athletes conquer and involved.

– Any message you like to share with your fans and friends?

I would like to thank you all for everything,

I  also would like to thank my sponsors, Vulkan, Vinac Concorsios, Sinister and to Posto do Açai


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