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Interview with André Galvão

Andre Galvao Vulkan– Could you tell us a bit about your preparations for ADCC?

I’m training hard as usual, At night I do the physical preparation with Camões, in the morning I practice grappling with the help of Josuel Distak and with my practice partner and ADCC champion, Ronaldo Jacaré. Everything is just fantastic, and I hope to get back from Barcelona with  a new title to my career, if it’s God’s will. I’m feeling well prepared to do it.

– Are you doing any kind of special training in your routine ?

Yes! I’m focusing on the explosion and speed at morning time. At night I am also doing the physical practice according to my morning training.

– What do you expect from yourself in this championship?

I hope to win the Champion Title, but I know it’s not that easy. ADCC Championship  holds the best athletes.  Actually,  in my opinion, ADCC is a more complex and different competition. Thanks God, I’m well prepared and ready for any kind of situation on the mat.

– How do see your career now on days?

Every day I see that I’m in the right direction. I’m grateful for all that I conquered along my career, in the Jiu Jitsu World and MMA, where I have the best coaches and training partners, this gives me the motivation to seek my dreams and goals, I  still have a lot to learn, God has blessed me, and I´m thankful for all.

– How ADCC Championships will add to your career?vulkan

ADCC is a worldwide high level championship, it´s good to be included in a huge organization like this, and it always brings good things too, sponsorships, the growth of the athletes in the Fight world, etc.

– How do you see yourself inside the Jiu Jitsu world?

I always  seek to learn more and more, Jiu Jitsu gives me this option, there’s always something to improve, I like that, since when I began practicing I tried to evolve in the sport.

I believe I  have achieved a lot, and I see others Athletes conquer and involved.

– Any message you like to share with your fans and friends?

I would like to thank you all for everything,

I  also would like to thank my sponsors, Vulkan, Vinac Concorsios, Sinister and to Posto do Açai

Fight Times!

pabello badalonaADCC 2009 Barcelona will start on SATURDAY 26th at 11:00 am.

The last fight (SUPERFIGHT Jacaré vs Drysdale) should end at 6:00 pm.

The final fights and absolute division will be on SUNDAY 27th, starting at 12:00.

Come early to get a better spot!

A look at U77kg and U88kg divisions!

ADCC 2009 Barcelona
Under 77KG Division is perhaps the easiest/harder to handicap, with prohibitive favorite Marcelo Garcia in the division. Having won the last 3 ADCC titles Garcia is a favorite to repeat and would be considered an upset not to, however he has not competed much in the last two years (won the Worlds in ’09) so competition rust may give others a chance. Other contenders are Murilo Santana (winner of Brazil Trials), Pablo Popovich, Kron and Gregor Gracie and darkhorse in my view is Ben Askren. Santana’s victory of the Brazil trials automatically puts him as a challenger, experience in ADCC matches is a big deal and he has that. Pablo Popovich always seem to get to the finals and has succumbed to Garcia each time. If he doesn’t have anything new to show you’d expect the same but his game is tight and he can surprise a rusty Marcelo. Kron and Gregor Gracie are new blood with little or no ADCC/No Gi experience so it remains to be seen what they do but their BJJ career and last name always carry interest. Ben Askren is a top wrestler that can make life difficult for many, if he understand the rules and plays the game right he will win fights and can be the competition’s dark horse

1. Marcelo Garcia. Brazil
2. K-taro Nakamura. Japan
3. Murilo Santana. Brazil
4. Marcelo Azevedo. Italy
5. Toni Linden. Finland
6. Don Ortega. USA
7. Rodney Ellis. Australia
8. Enrico Cocco. USA
9. Pablo Popovich. USA
10. Kron Gracie. Brazil
11. Yoshiyuki Yoshida. Japan
12. Mike Fowler. USA
13. Ben Askren. USA
14. Gregor Gracie. Brazil
15. Milton Viera. Brazil
16. Leo Santos. Brazil

The Under 88KG division is one of the most stacked divisions int he event. Names like Andre Galvao, Braulio Estima, Tarsys Humphries, Rafael Lovato Jr, David Avellan alone are enough to make best of the best. If Gavao shows up with the same intensity, preparation and technique that he did in the Brazil tirals he is a favorite. Braulio has been a top fighter for some time and his 2nd place to Xande in a higher weight division in ’07 dictates he is a force to be recogned with. Thees two are my choices to make the finals. Tarsys Humphries had an impressive ’07 ADCC campaign and has been on a tear lately. Depending on the bracket (he doesn’t match up well against Galvao) he has a great chance to be in the finals. Lovato Jr is one of the top American fighters and should contend, in my view his only fault is that he likes to fight from the bottom and counter and that doesn’t play well in ADCC’s rules. David Avellan is a tough competitor with ADCC experience, a good stand up game and solid ground, he could upset many and be int he podium

1. André Galvão. Brazil
2. Yuji Arai. Japan
3. Gunnar Nelson. Iceland
4. Tarsis Humphreys. Brazil
5. Trond Saksenvik. Norway
6. Jorge Santiago. Brazil
7. Igor Praporshchikov. Australia
8. Chris Weidman. USA
9. David Avellan. USA
10. Rafael Lovato. USA
11. Braulio Estima. Brazil
12. Daniel Tabera. Spain
13. Kassim Annan. France
14. James Brasco. USA
15. Bruno Bastos. Brazil
16. Tom Lawlor. USA

source: Kid Peligro ADCC News

Xande and Rani ready!

ADCC 2007 Champions Xande Ribeiro and Rani Yahia completed the final stages of preparation for their campaign in ADCC 2009. The training sessions with Ginástica Natural’s Professor Alvaro Romano involved breathing and mental preparation techniques developed by the professor for fighters.

“The breathing techniques, mental training and motivational training are part of the program. The program includes these techniques along with Ginastica Natural and has been applied with many top athletes with great success, most recently Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira. Minotauro was first introduced to this type of training during his preparation to fight Randy Couture in UFC. Currently Rani and Xande are in the final stages of a similar program as they prepare for ADCC this upcoming weekend in Barcelona”, stated Romano.

xande rany)

Romano with Rani and Xande

xande rany 2)

The trio doing breathing exercises

source: Kid Peligro ADCC NEWS

Ilir Latifi

Ilir LatifiBorn in 1982
Home: Sweden
Style: wrestling
Team: Pancrase Gym
Division: under 98.9 Kg

Wrestling/ADCC record:
– Swedish national team wrestler
– ADCC 2005 European Trails winner

MMA record: 3 – 0 – 1

Ilir Latifi wins

Ilir Latifi wins

Ilir Latifi is a powerful swedish wrestler. He trains in Pancrase Gym and nowadays he devotes himself to MMA. He became known in the world of martial arts after destroying the ring in his fight against sambo fighter Blagoi Ivanov last year. The fight was declared no-contest. After that Ilir fought and won Roman Mihocka, Luis Silva and Darko Krbanjevi.