ADCC 2013 – Beijing October

Fabricio Werdum

Fabricio Werdum

ADCC 2013 will take place in Beijing, China in October!

Unfortunately, Marcelo Garcia is taking a break from the event this year.

Roger Gracie, Robert Drysdale and Gunnar Nelson have declined the invitation as they are concentrating on MMA.

But some MMA tops are coming back!

– Fabricio Werdum

Vinny Magalhães

Vinny Magalhães

– Vinny Magalhaes

(these two had one of the most exciting ADCC matches ever)

Other names confirmed are current champions:

– Rafael Mendes

– Gabriel Garcia

Some new invitees:

– Octavio de Souza

– Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes

According to Kid Peligro: “In keeping up with ADCC’s desire to avoid teammates competing against each other (and not putting forth 100% effort) in the event, current BJJ World Absolute champion Marcus Buchecha Almeida was invited along with his coach Rodrigo Cavaca but only if they agreed to compete in different divisions. Cavaca accepted to fight in the Under 99 Kg division while Buchecha will compete in the Over 99 Kg.”