Talking about Cyborg…

robcyborg.gNow ADCC has in the card two Cyborgs, they are not related but  it is not a big coincidence they have the same nickname since in the fight community there is quite many people called Cyborg, Hulk, Rubber, Machine … and not mentioning the Brazilians, who realy like to giveand use nicknames.

Talking about Cyborg, Roberto Abreu is changing his weight division from -99kg to +99kg, we should expect an even stronger Cyborg this year at ADCC.

See you very soon in Barcelona!


Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu

Cyborg_2Nickname: Cyborg
Born in 1980
Home: South Beach/Miami Beach-FL, USA
Style: BJJ & submission fighting
Team: New Generation
Division: under 98.9 Kg


BJJ/ Submission Fighting record:
-South American BJJ Champion 2004/2006
-South American BJJ Champion 2004/2006  Open Class
-Pan American BJJ Champion 2001/2002/2008
-European BJJ Champion 2005
-11 times BJJ World Medalist.
-2 times Brazilian Wrestling Champion

Cyborg is a complete BJJ and Submission Fighting athlete. He is extremely good on throws, good passing and doing gaurd (specially half-gard). Good in submissions, physically very strong and with good stamina. This combination gave Roberto a possibility to win fights over names such as Demian Maia, Braulio Estima, Bill Cooper and Mike Fowler.
Abreu has an aggressive BJJ style and is used to compete in submission fighting tournaments. This year in Barcelona he is going to give his best to put his name at the  very selective group of ADCC world champions.