Braulio Estima

Braulio estima.Nickname: Carcará
Born in 1980
Home: Birmingham, UK
Style: BJJ & Submission Fighting
Team: Gracie Barra
Division: under 87.9 Kg

Braulio Estima is one of the favorites to win ADCC Barcelona 2009 in both under 87.9kg and the absolute division, he was silver medalist in 2007 losing in the final at a very technical 20 minutes fight against Xande Ribeiro.

Many BJJ and Submission fighters when they face a presumably dangerous opponent they forget the main idea about the submission competitions and they are satisfied by doing a point and hiding the rest of the fight, but when you see Braulio’s fights you can easily notice the difference, the “Carcara” is one of the athletes who fights with his heart and always goes to submissions doesn’t minding who the opponent is, and quite often he succeed, during the Pan American 2003 championships, Braulio took a total of less than 4 minutes and 40 seconds to win all six of his fights. A record that still stands in any official competition”-

BJJ Record:

Pan American Champion – 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2006braulio2
European Champion – 2007, 2009
Absolute European Champion – 2009
ADCC Silver Medalist – 2007
Absolute World Cup Champion – 2006
World Champion – 2004, 2006
Champion of the International Team – 2003, 2007braulio
Champion’s Challenge BRAZIL X USA – 2003
3rd placed on the World Championship – 2003
Absolute World Champion – 2002
3rd placed on the World Championship – 2001