Bruno Bastos

bruno bastosBorn in 1980
Home: Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
Style: brazilian jiu-jitsu
Team: Nova União
Division: under 87.9 Kg

BJJ record:
2004 World Cup – 3rd place light-heavyweight
2004 Copa do Brasil – light heavyweight champion
2002 World Cup – 3rd place heavyweight
2002 World Cup – 3rd place absolute
2002 Copa do Brasil CBJJO – Heavyweight Champion
Five times Brazilian Champion
Five times Rio de Janeiro State Champion

Submission record:
2005 Copa Cyclone – Champion
2003 ADCC Brazilian Trials – silver
2003 Submission Wrestling de Campos – Champion
2002 Interestadual de Belo Horizonte, Brasil – Absolute Champion
2002 Super Copa de Submission Niterói – Champion
2002 Desafio Duelo de Titãs – Champion
Desafio Stone – Champion
São João da Barra Submission Wrestling – Champion

MMA record: 0 – 2 – 0 (both by decision)

Bruno Bastos teaching in Finland

Bruno Bastos teaching in Finland

Bio: Bruno Bastos started jiu-jitsu as a child, in 1990, inspired by Aurelio Miguel‘s gold medal in 1988 Judo Olympics. He’s a Wendell Alexander black-belt, but studied with many good teachers, like Neury Gomes and André Pederneiras. Bastos became famous after winning Xande Ribeiro in the absolute finals of 2005 Rio de Janeiro State Championship. It was his tenth fight that day, but he won by 4×3. Bruno could have had a beautiful performance in ADCC 2005 California, but though he was specially invited by ADCC producers, USA embassy blocked his entrance.

Bruno is a Georges St. Pierre fan and use to train muay-thai to relax. He fought two times in MMA, loosing the last time to Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares by decision. Other idols of him are the F1 pilot Ayrton Senna and Nova União BJJ fighter Leonardo Santos.

“I focus my training on physical conditioning because fights at ADCC can end in draws and then go into overtime. There have been 20, 30 minute fights! Cachorrão and Jacaré once fought for 40 minutes! That’s why I focus on that part”


Leo Santos

leosantos.gHome: Brasil
Style: brazilian jiu-jitsu/submission fighting
Team: Nova União
Division: under 76.9 Kg

MMA Record: 6 – 3 – 0 (67% of victories by submission)

Leo Santos is one of the most important light-weight fighters in the history of brazilian jiu-jitsu. He won everything and everyone in BJJ tournaments before he starts fighting MMA.

Leo is famous for his butterfly guard and for his really nice sweeps, but all professional fighters have to be complete on their game and have to adapt depending on who you are fighting. A good example is the fight he did against Zulu, the best brazilian wrestler at that time, at the ADCC trials 2005:

Zulu knew that Leo was better on the ground and was waiting the first five minutes.  After that he took Leo down, making the 2 points, and then tried to hold him down to the end of fight-time. Leo realised Zulu was just waiting and did a surprise attack, concluding with the best take-down of the tournament, winning the 2005 trials.

At the 2005 ADCC World Championship, Leo Santos faced great fighters, but the most commented fight was the beautifully flying armbar he did on GSP as you can see below:

Wild Card!!!!

The ADCC Barcelona 2009 is an event that can change the history of the fight events in Europe, this event is the most important fight tournament ever done in Spain, with the best team of fighters ever assembled in Europe.

We will publish wild cards to ADCC Barcelona 2009 every week, here are this week winners:


Leo Vieira


Georges St Pierre


Nate Marquardt


Dean Lister


John Olav Einemo

See you soon in Barcelona!

Dean Lister