Por Sebastian Valle

Los productores del ADCC 2009 Barcelona, les expresamos profunda gratitud a todos nuestros colaboradores. Estuvo genial! Todos los voluntarios (staff o stuff?) trabajaron con seriedad, dedicación y la verdad es que si no fuera por ellos el Mundial de Submission Fighting nunca seria posible: Los montadores de la Arena, los runners, los vigilantes, los que se quedaron hasta después del final para recoger todo (e incluso limpiar)… Entre catalanes, gallegos, malagueños, portugueses, brasileños, suecos, alemanes y finlandeses formamos un equipo de elite.

Un agradecimiento especial a los chóferes: Javi “Psicópata”, Eduardo “Chape”, Toni “Super” y  Oscar (que con su van recorrió 1500 Km en tres días). También a Soledad Cubillo, por recibir a todos en el aeropuerto, y a las chicas de la taquilla.

Muchas gracias a Mireia Cabo y al staff del Hotel Hilton. Con su atención constante y profesional alojamos a todos los luchadores con toda la comodidad que necesitan y mucho más.

Del Pabellò Olìmpic de Badalona recordaremos con cariño la simpatía y disposición al trabajo de Miguel. Estuvo siempre disponible para aclarar cualquier duda y ayudar en cualquier problema.

Los Hell’s Angels España se merecen todo respeto y el crédito por la vigilancia, seguridad y organización de nivel profesional. A los doctores Guillermo y Emil les damos las gracias por haber estado siempre alertas y por su eficiencia en los (poquísimos) accidentes que ocurrieron. Al equipo de sonido una mención especial por su calidad incuestionable.

Además recibimos ayuda inesperada pero muy importante de Matheus y Marcelo de Vulkan, de Filip de Pit-Bull West Coast y Jimmy Pedro de Zebra Mats, Simply Z Best. Para encerrar, muchas gracias al Maestro Roberto Ausejo, del gimnasio Therien por los tatames del area de calentamiento.

Pedro, Sebastian y Chinto


We, ADCC 2009 Barcelona producers express a deep thankfulness to all our contributors. That was great! All volunteers (staff or stuff?) have worked with dedication. The truth is, without them, the Submission Fighting World Championship would never happen: The Arena-builders, runners, watchers, time-keepers, the ones that stayed until the end to clean everything… Amongst spanish, portuguese, brazilians, swedish, germans and finnish, we’ve done an elite crew.

A special thanks to drivers: Javi “Psicópata”, Eduardo “Chape”, Toni “Super” and  Oscar (witch have ran 1500 Km with his van). Tickets girls too, and Soledad, who recieved everyone in the airport.

Thanks a lot to Mireia Cabo and Hilton Hotel staff. With their constant and professional care, we could lodge all fighters with the comfort they need, and even more.

From Pabellò Olìmpic de Badalona we’ll remember the sympathy and disposition of Miguel. He was always available to any question or help.

Hell’s Angels España deserve all respect for the vigilance, security and organization in professional level. We’re grateful also to Doctors Guillermo and Emil for being always alert and for the quickness in the (very few) accidents we had during the venue. The sound staff needs a special mention for their unquestionable quality.

We also had unexpected but really usefull help from our friends Matheus and Marcelo from Vulkan, Filip from Pit-Bull West Coast and Jimmy Pedro from Zebra Mats, Simply Z Best. To finish, thanks a lot to Master Roberto Ausejo, from Gimnasio Therien for the tatamis of the warming area.

Pedro, Sebastian and Chinto


Fight Times!

pabello badalonaADCC 2009 Barcelona will start on SATURDAY 26th at 11:00 am.

The last fight (SUPERFIGHT Jacaré vs Drysdale) should end at 6:00 pm.

The final fights and absolute division will be on SUNDAY 27th, starting at 12:00.

Come early to get a better spot!

Joel Tudor

joel-tudorBorn in 1976
Home: California, USA
Style: brazilian jiu-jitsu
Team: Revolution
Division: under 65.9 Kg

joel-tudor-jiu-jitsuJoel Tudor is also a brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt under former world champion Rodrigo Medeiros. He has won numerous brazilian jiu-jitsu titles such as the Pan Ams and US Nationals. Due to his skill on both longboards and shortboards, on big waves and small, Tudor is widely considered to be one of the best surfers alive, and is also known for being unusually open-minded with regard to the diverse equipment that can be used for wave riding. For the past six years Joel switched his focus in surfing and has been training BJJ at Rodrigo Medeiro’s studio in Pacific Beach. Tudor regularly spars with members of Medeiros’ BJJ Revolution Team and has won numerous tournaments on his way to earning a black belt in a freakishly short period of time.

“I basically won at every level of a belt. I won almost every time I competed.”

Ronaldo Souza

Ronaldo “Jacare” SouzaNickname: “Jacaré” (alligator)
Born in 1979
Home: Manaus – Brasil
Style: brazilian jiu-jitsu
Team: Black House
Division: superfighter

BJJ/ADCC record:
2005 – ADCC (77 – 87 Kg) Champion
2005 – ADCC (absolute) 2nd place (lost to Roger Gracie)
2005 – World Jiu-Jitsu (absolute) Champion
2004 – World Jiu-Jitsu (absolute) Champion

MMA record: 10 – 2 – 0 (90% wins by submission!)

Some people say that, at the exact moment he was conceived by his parents, Jacaré already had one of the most important virtues for becoming the greatest name in jiu-jitsu: high quality genetics. ronuOwner of contusion-proof muscles, elastic strings, cat-like reflexes, a lumbar that resembles hydraulic suspension mechanisms, ankles as thick as his calves, forearms strong as a jeep, Ronaldo is no lab champion. He was born with all these potential resources, which have been lapidated in training all these years. That which gym-addicts try to achieve with anabolism, nature gave this descendant of blacks and Indians. The talent came as the tip. But besides body and ability, a jiu-jitsu exponent must have true warrior spirit, which life has inserted in Jacaré’s life in strange ways, especially during the athlete’s childhood and adolescence: Fighting and living have always been synonyms for Ronaldo. Conditioned for bearing adverse situation since birth, he lived in poor areas of Espírito Santo until the age of 14, when he had to abandon his parents and run away to Northern Brazil:ronaldo l

“I got into some heavy shit, crime and stuff, and went to live with my brother in Manaus” Jacaré told Gracie Magazine in 2003.

The stranger Jacaré got around as he could in Manaus. He worked even as a car watcher before getting acquainted with martial arts at 16, when he began training the judo-like jiu-jitsu of master Henrique Machado. Dedicating to a sport in order to overcome the difficulties of a tempestuous youth turned Jacaré into a man with an obstinate soul. He learned in practice the need to have willpower in life, of struggling for one’s desires, among other teachings that many fighters know but in theory. He knows exactly what to do at the moments of difficulty, has the instinct conditioned to react immediately, knows how to fight under pressure… Actually, he not only can, he loves doing it!ronaluta

“I get stimulated when fighting under pressure. I love when somebody tells me I am going to lose. It gets me energized. Gets me motivated”

There’s a triple foundation, composed of genetics, talent and warrior spirit, of current two-time world jiu-jitsu champion. Jacaré loves jiu-jitsu and, above all, he loves the way he practises it. He goes to trainings and tournaments just as happily as a surfer attending a tournament in Hawaii. This is his final hint:ron

“Find in Jiu-Jitsu whatever makes you happy and invest in it.”

font: Gracie Magazine

pictures from Sherdog

Rodrigo Henriques Cavaca

rodrigo cavacaBorn in 1981
Home: Santos – Brasil
Division: under 98.9 Kg
Style: brazilian jiu jitsu
Team: Check Matt

BJJ ADCC record:
2009 european champion
2008 brazilian champion
2005 World Jiu Jitsu Cup
2005 brazilian champion
2004 World Jiu Jitsu Champion
2004 brazilian champion

Bio Rodrigo Henriques started training jiu jitsu in 1999. Since then he earned many great competitions including three times Brazilian Championship and the Mundials in 2004. Cavaca became famous this year after defeating Lucio Lagarto at the finals of the European Championship.

Gabriel Gonzaga

Gabriel Napao GonzagaNickname: Napão (big nose)
Born in 1979
Home: Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
Style: brazilian jiu-jitsu
Team: Team Link
Division: over 99 Kg

BJJ record:
– 2006 CBJJO World Cup Black Belt – heavyweight champion
– 2005 CBJJO World Cup Black Belt – 2nd place (heavyweight)
– 2005 CBJJO World Cup Black Belt – 3rd place (absolute)
– 2004 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship – heavyweight champion
– 2003 CBJJO World Cup Black Belt – 2nd place (heavyweight)
– 2003 CBJJO World Cup Black Belt – 2nd place (absolute)
– 2000 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship – 3rd place (heavyweight)

ADCC record:
– 2005 2nd place (over 99 Kg division)

Record of ADCC opponents:
Won: Mustapha al-Turk, Ricco Rodriguez, Marcio Cruz, Eduardo Telles
Lost: Jeff Monson, Xande Ribeiro

MMA record: 11 – 4 – 0 (55% wins by submission)

Gabriel Napao Gonzaga
Gabriel Napao Gonzaga

Gabriel “Napão” Gonzaga holds his black belt in brazilian jiu-jitsu under Wander Braga. He is a former member of the famous Chute Boxe Academy. In 2004 Gonzaga won the Mundials which is considered to be the top BJJ competition in the world. He currently trains with Team Link in Massachusetts. Napão stunned the world on 2007 when he knocked Mirko “Cro Cop” out with a devastating head kick late in the first round after dominating him from the start. This victory earned Gonzaga a UFC Heavyweight Championship fight against the champion Randy Couture. Recently Napão delivered a beating to Chris Tuchscherer which led to a first round referee stoppage at UFC 102. He continues his quest for the top of the UFC heavyweight division!

James Brasco

_jamesbrascoHome: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida USA
Style: wrestling/brazilian jiu-jitsu
Division: under 87.9 Kg

MMA Record: 5 – 2 – 0

Bjj/Submission fighting record:

2007 World Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt Champion

5 Times N.A.G.A Champion

USA Wrestling Grappling qualifier Champion

Planet Submission Absolute Champion

2nd  Place The “Good Fight” Pro-tournament(Delaware)

2nd in the BUD CUP Absolute Division

James Brasco – Wrestling Instructor and PIAA state runner-up (127-10 HS record). Other highlights of Jimmy’s career includes: Pennsylvania State Freestyle Champion, Cadet National Freestyle Champion, 100+ wins in College (div. 1), 3 times NCAA Eastern Regional Champion, Ranked #6 by Amateur Wrestling News at 167lbs., Olympic Trial Qualifier in FS, AAU Grand National Champion(freestyle, folk style), 5 times N.A.G.A Champion, Atlantic Cup Champion and USA Trials Grappling Competitor.

“I have always had an interest in styles versus styles type fights. I always felt the wrestler had the advantage due to our toughness and strength. I started doing BJJ to see what it was about. It was interesting to learn grappling from a different perspective. So I would enter tournaments when I lived In Pennsylvania and would do really well. Actually, my first grappling tournament was the Arnold Worlds in 2001. I entered the pro division and didn’t even know what a triangle was. I won my first match against some tough judo guy from Orlando, then I was winning against this brown belt and with a minute left he put me in a triangle. I went to pick him up to slam him and the referee told me not to slam him and I had to tap. I was sooo mad [laughs]. source :

  • 2007 World Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt Champion
  • 5 Times N.A.G.A Champion
  • USA Wrestling Grappling qualifier Champion
  • Planet Submission Absolute Champion
  • 2nd  Place The “Good Fight” Pro-tournament(Delaware)
  • 2nd in the BUD CUP Absolute Division